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This read is also very relatable. I am 54 and a have accepted there are things we cannot control as it is part of the evolution of change. Had half my thyroid removed 3 years ago and a full hysterectomy 2 years ago which put me into menopause ...ahhh the inevitable...yes I am alive and still have my natural beauty (only enhanced by ‘Chanel Beaute’...rather than fight what I cannot control, have learned to embrace it - I am happy and content now. I try not to think much of the past as there are many wonderful memories yet to come in the future 🙌. Thank you Christina for being authentic and not afraid to show your vulnerability 🌺

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I feel like you write my thoughts. I’m 46. When I look in the mirror I see eyes of my youth, but a body that is changing with the times no matter how much I workout. Energy not at 100%, and thoughts increasingly about the second half of my life. You are right on acceptance. Accept the changing of time while still doing things that make you feel good (facials!).

Anti-aging is so negative. How about society stop labelling what is normal?

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